See what our guests are saying about their time at our camp.


My first visit to Camp Brown Bear was with a group of Veterans who suffer from PTSD. The camp offered all of us a place of serenity. We all agreed the spirit at the camp encouraged peace, camaraderie and healing. The camp is tucked away in the beautiful hills of central Kentucky, just a few miles from the Kentucky River. While at Camp Brown Bear I experienced brotherhood and teamwork while doing projects with my Veteran brothers. In the evenings we sat around the campfire and shared our stories. I learned from Camp Brown Bear that Combat Veterans are not sick nor are they mentally ill. Combat Veterans are different than they once were due to the reality of war. Vets like myself and countless others need to be heard, appreciated and accepted. What happens at Camp Brown Bear is something special. I feel I left the camp physically, mentally and spiritually healthier than when I arrived.                                                           Iraq War Veteran,        Pastor Daniel Hopkins

My first stay at Kodiak Camps and Outfitters lead to a second stay. The owners and care takers Steve and Sabrina are second to none when it comes to ensuring your stay is comfortable and relaxing. My first stay was for a semi guided White Tail Deer hunt. Steve provided solid hunting advice and explained the hunting grounds in great detail. The three day hunt was successful with a punched tag on a Kentucky White Tail!  This happened to be my first harvest with a bow and arrow and Steve worked hard to set me up correct in the location to best hunt the wind.  There was a place to hang and processes my deer on site and made quick work of putting meat in my cooler.


Spacious grounds with areas open to private. This is a place you want to wake up early make coffee and just sit out side and watch nature and totally relax.


My first trip I was by myself for a bow hunt in January. The cabin provided all I needed and had a space heater that was just right for the living space. My second trip was in the summer time with my wife, son age four, and daughter age two. The cabin was outfitted with a window AC unit that did the job of cooling the room. The living space was big enough for a queen size bed and a large air mattress and room for my kids to play.

Galley/ Rec hall

There are refrigerators and microwaves available to cook meals. A full kitchen is still needed.  Attached to the kitchen is a medium sized Rec Hall with a pool table, picnic tables, a TV and benches.

Horseback rides:

My two year old daughter who loves horses was able with the skilled help of Sabrina to enjoy a horse back ride and spent a lot of time with the horses. My wife was able to enjoy a horse back ride as well. Outside has a covered setting area.

Local Area:

Our family found nature trails to hike on and went site seeing in Frankfort. We enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. There are plenty of places to go out and eat as well.


I would totally recommend Kodiak Camps if you are looking for somewhere to relax, get away, and just enjoy yourself and family. I can't wait to go back and try for another KY White Tail. Steve seems to be a natural in the woods and is easy to talk to. This place dose not provide bathrobes with slippers or Mai Tai drinks with umbrellas,  there are other places for that. What you're going to get is enjoying life at an easy pace with a quite atmosphere

Ben L.


A Soldier's Heart: Bluegrass and Muddy Waters

An Introduction           

       Hello and thank you for your time; my name is Jeremy Wallace, Founder of A Soldier's Heart Bluegrass and Muddy Waters. I am a combat veteran who, like many others, suffer from the debilitating grips of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

                 Combat PTSD is a disorder but it is so much more. The brain is rewired and functions differently than it did before. There have been many advances in the study and treatment of PTSD. In my experience what has best helped me cope is being in nature and different activities with other like minded Veterans. At Camp Brown Bear they have a jewel, its a beautiful place nestled in the hills in Frankfort, KY--. they have cabins, a lodge, big camp fire area, and best of all, tranquility. They offer a great atmosphere for having a group of Veterans to get together and experience camaraderie and brotherhood like that experienced in the military.  I have witnessed this first hand--you can come there and meet a group of strangers that struggle with the same things and leave with new life long friends. It is a way of building a support network and learning new coping skills from others that are in a similar mind set. 

                The organization that I have founded has partnered with Steve Brown at Kodiak Camps and Outfitters/Camp Brown Bear to set up weekend getaways for veterans with PTSD, we come together and meet for a weekend of nature therapy. These events are not like most others, we come together as a team and we work on different projects around camp as well as cook together eat together and sit around a camp fire together. We don't have a busy timeline or a rigorous schedule; we all work together and enjoy our time finding peace and support through our new found brothers. Conversations vary but one thing I know for sure is it is better than any therapy session I've attended. 

                 A Soldier's Heart brings another beneficial activity to these weekends through canoeing and kayaking. These weekends are powerful and therapeutic; they give you a new bag of tools to fight the battles your mind goes through.  A new support network, and an introduction to a few hobbies that you can take home and enjoy with your families or other veterans in your area. I'll say it again, BY FAR, this is the best therapy I've had over the years of fighting PTSD. I look forward to a continued partnership with Kodiak Camp and Outfitters/Camp Brown Bear. Together if we can help prevent even one Veteran suicide our missions will be worth it but I believe we can do so much more! 

Thanks and God Bless

Jeremy Wallace

Founder, A Soldier's Heart Bluegrass and Muddy Waters


Have you ever wanted to get away and enjoy yourself with some of the greatest individuals that I have come in contact since returning from Iraq. Nothing will ever compare to the guys that stood behind you in combat. With that being said, this experience has changed my outlook on why to reach out for help when we really need it.
    Steve and I had come into contact while on a Wounded Warrior Project in Gulfport, MS. While on this event, many of us became mutual comfortable around each other, due to realizing we all had are struggles with dealing with PTSD and other medical issues. Many of our fellow brother’s stayed in contact by Facebook, Group texts, and even visiting Camp Brown Bear. Most of us that struggle with just leaving our houses or going to places that we don’t know what to expect. I want to motivate every single one of you to visit Camp Brown Bear and just enjoy the experience of the outdoors.
    While at Camp Brown Bear, we helped clear land and burned brush in order to prepare the camp for upcoming events. Also, Sabrina has such an outspoken personality and highly driven in Steve’s life and her own career. The hospitality of each of the individuals that live in the area are welcoming and would take the shirt of their back if needed to. It’s nice to know that there is still good people in this world and they are located in Frankfort, KY. Their son Winston, such an intelligent boy. You can tell he looks up to both his parents and that is what it is all about. For us brothers to stick together and bring us together and just feel the peace we all seek. When we do events such as these, it doesn’t only help out the Veteran but their families as well. We get to leave with a since of peace and our families see the results of just those few days being gone. Families might not understand what we might be through but this is that release to be with guy’s that we can relate to and just have normal conversations and really get to talk about stuff that might being going on in our life’s that we need advice on. It’s not all talk about our experiences, but more of just getting out and enjoying the country that we fought so hard to protect.
    After leaving the camp, I have nothing but spoke highly of Steve and his family. I personally have been twice so far, but hope to make it back at least once a year. Retiring back in SC, I have reunited with a brother that I grew up with. He traveled with myself and went on his first trip this past year. Why do I say this place is a piece of heaven? Our brother from SC, has been back once again himself. Shows just how much Steve and Sabrina are open to having Veterans share their piece of America with us. It is truly a blessing having them in my life and I am grateful from the Bottom of my heart.

Luigi C.