We look forward to sharing our peaceful camp with each person who visits.

photo Credit: Sabrina Brown

Steven Brown, Owner

Steven “Brown Bear” is a retired Navy SEAL.  During his career he served as the Senior Enlisted Adviser at Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Command Detachment Kodiak.  He trained and mentored SEAL teammates, the command staff, other special operation forces and over 1000 SEAL Qualification Training students in mountaineering, survival, land navigation, over the beach operations, cold weather nutrition and first aid, fitness, and avalanche awareness in this austere remote Alaskan environment.  As a result Steven was awarded the title Master Training Specialist.  While assigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group Steven made numerous deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, tallying over 250 combat operations, for his actions he was awarded the Silver Star and many other individual awards.  Now Steven is able to focus on his passion, the outdoors, and it brings him the highest level of satisfaction seeing others enjoying their experience with him.

hoto Credit: Steven brown

hoto Credit: Steven brown

Sabrina Brown, Owner

Sabrina Brown is an assistant professor in the department of Epidemiology at the University of Kentucky. She is also the director of the Kentucky Violent Death Reporting System. Sabrina earned her doctorate in Public Health in 2009 and teaches a graduate course entitled Public Health Response to Terrorism and Disasters. Since her early childhood, growing up with two brothers, Sabrina has loved the outdoors. Raised in upstate New York she and her brothers spent their days creaking and hiking in the nearby woods and Indian Falls. Sabrina attended many camps growing up involving water skiing, hiking and horse back riding, but had not engaged in many outdoor activities in the 1990s and early 2000s. Since meeting Steven she has learned to downhill ski in Utah, has enjoyed 22+ mile overnight hikes with minimalist camping in Alaska and New River Gorge, kayaking and camping in Washington state and hunting and fishing in Alaska. After moving to Bald Knob, Sabrina was re-introduced to the joy of horseback riding and reminded of how therapeutic and calming horse care can be. Horses quickly became Sabrina’s new hobby and passion. Building self-efficacy with a horse easily translates to building confidence in other aspects of one’s life. For example, being able to prepare a horse to be saddled, then trail riding in increasingly more difficult terrain with a large and potentially dangerous animal truly empowers people. Sabrina has found her horses, interactions with the many lovely ladies who ride around Bald Knob, being amidst the quiet and beautiful landscape paramount in healing from past trauma. She hopes to share this unique experience with visitors to the camps.