Our Latest Veteran Retreat Sept 1-4 2017

We would like to thank our donors, volunteers and staff for an incredible weekend at Camp Brown Bear.  We were able to host 10 Veterans in a very natural and peaceful setting, bonding through work parties, Yoga, meditation, message, walks through the woods, kayaking, canoeing, eating wonderful meals together and spending the evenings around the fire.  This past weekend would not be possible without all the support Camp Brown Bear has received.

Out next retreat will be Oct 27-30, we will include journaling.  Local Jay McChord authored a field kit journal titled A Veteran's Legacy.  This is a great tool for any Veteran and we are excited to introduce it at our next camp.


Amazing First Review of: I MARRIED A SOCIOPATH

Shockingly Honest and Brave

Based on a survivor’s real life experiences, interspersed with scholarly references and information about trauma, domestic violence, Parent Alienation Syndrome, and mental health illness. This book is filled with raw honesty, exposing the author’s most personal history. The ways in which she has coped are told in detail as she dealt with gas-lighting, manipulation, and unspeakable traumas.

As a sexual assault and domestic violence advocate and counselor, I have seen similarly unique situations played out time and again with clients. These topics are difficult to discuss in safe surroundings with solid support systems. The author’s choice to own her story and take back her life by exposing herself to the world is boldly courageous and no doubt terrifying. She shows strength and perseverance time and again in this gritty recounting of sexual, psychological and physical abuse.

Definitely worth your time to read! — with SteveandSabrina Brown.

See the review by clicking on the image below.